Kimba Kaolin / Halloysite Project

ChemX Materials owns 100% of EL6634 and EL5920, covering a combined area of 718km2 located 100km west of Whyalla on the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia. The deposits are located on freehold title and enjoy a well-maintained relationship with landowners, permitting access to the deposits when required. The area is host to a number of known kaolin deposits, with several outcropping over extensive areas.

Results of previous exploration at Kelly Tank, Bunora and Bunora East have identified the potential for significant tonnes. In particular, Kelly Tank has an exploration target of 55Mt to 130MT of kaolin.

There has also been work undertaken on the identification of Halloysite, with the highest concentration being at Kelly Tank.

Bunora East

Kelly Tank

Bunora Balumbah

Kelly Tank

Development Plan

  • Initial exploration – drilling, assaying etc Q1 ‘22
  • Halloysite identification and distribution analysis Q2 ‘22
  • targeting a JORC Resource, subject to the outcome of the exploration Q3 ‘22
  • Marketing of kaolin / halloysite products to potential off takers to commence Q1 ‘22
  • Research into new markets for kaolin to replace high CO2 materials in industrial process Ongoing

Halloysite Nanotubes

Halloysite is a rare, naturally occurring nanotube found in a relatively small number of kaolin deposits. The traditional use in high quality ceramics was aimed at providing additional strength to the material.

There are a number of research projects looking into new uses for the nanotube structure of halloysite. The uses being investigated include:

  • Hydrogen and oxygen gas storage and transport
  • CO2 capture
  • Slow release medicines
  • Slow release fertilizers
  • Slow release active ingredients in polymers, paints etc

Jamieson Tank - Manganese Project

Manganese use in lithium battery cathode chemistry is becoming increasingly important. The move to reduce battery costs and also ESG concerns about the source of a significant portion of cobalt supply, has seen an increase in the use of manganese.

Jamieson Tank Manganese has been used to produce a electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) previously. A review of the test program provides confidence that other manganese cathode precursor materials can also be produced.

Development plan for Jamieson Tank

  • Exploration program Q1 ‘22
  • Cathode precursor study Q2 ‘22