Kimba Kaolin / Rare Earth Element (REE0 Project)

ChemX Materials owns 100% of EL6634 and EL5920, covering a combined area of 718km2 located 100km south west of Whyalla on the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia. The deposits are located on freehold title used for cropping and sheep farming. ChemX has good relationships with landowners and the local communities. The area is host to a number of known kaolin deposits, with several outcropping over extensive areas.

Results of previous exploration at Kelly Tank, Bunora and Bunora East have identified the potential for significant tonnes. In particular, Kelly Tank has an exploration target of 55Mt to 130MT of kaolin.

ChemX has discovered REE’s across the tenements associated with the kaolin mineralization. The grades and widths that have been recorded provide confidence to progress exploration and metallurgical studies. Highlighted results include:

Significant intercepts reported to the ASX 5th September 2022

Samples have been sent for analysis to determine the parameters for separating the REE from the clay. A follow up exploration program is being planned for Q1 2023.

Bunora East

Kelly Tank

Bunora Balumbah

Kimba Kaolin / REE

Development Plan

  • Maiden drilling program completed Q1 ‘22
  • REE testwork to determine parameters for separation of REE from kaolin commenced Q3 ‘22
  • Follow up drilling program planned for Q1 ‘23
  • Research into new markets for kaolin to replace high CO2 materials in industrial process Ongoing

Halloysite Nanotubes

Halloysite is a rare, naturally occurring nanotube found in a relatively small number of kaolin deposits. The traditional use in high quality ceramics was aimed at providing additional strength to the material.

There are a number of research projects looking into new uses for the nanotube structure of halloysite. The uses being investigated include:

  • Hydrogen and oxygen gas storage and transport
  • CO2 capture
  • Slow release medicines
  • Slow release fertilizers
  • Slow release active ingredients in polymers, paints etc

Jamieson Tank - Manganese Project

High Purity Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate (HPMSM) is an important part of many battery chemistries. The use of HPMSM is also increasing as manganese, the raw material, is in plentiful supply due its use in the steelmaking industry. ChemX’s Jamieson Tank project will be a vertically integrated mining and refining process to mine manganese and refine it into HPMSM for the global cathode markets.

Key manganese prospects located on ChemX Eyre Peninsula tenements

Manganese geology

The results of the maiden exploration program undertaken by ChemX, combined with the results of previous work has been the basis for CSA Global to develop an Exploration Target for Jamieson Tank of:  

Full details announced to the ASX on 27 July 2022
Significant intercepts from the Q1 ’22 drilling program as
announced to the ASX on 26th June 2022

Importantly, Jamieson Tank is one of 5 prospects, providing significant potential upside to the mineralized areas.

Jamieson Tank drill hole and Exploration Target location plan
Schematic manganese mineralisation section through drill holes JTRC082 to JTRC089, view to north
Schematic manganese mineralisation section through drill holes JTRC102 to JTRC112, view to north

High Purity Manganese
Sulphate Monohydrate

Refining manganese into HPMSM requires an in depth understanding of chemistry and the needs of cathode manufactures. ChemX has undertaken a detailed review of the currently used processes and developed a method that is suitable for the Jamieson Tank manganese ore. The first stage of testwork to verify the process was very successful (link to ASX Release 11 May 2022).

The second stage of testwork commenced in Q3 ’22 with the aim of defining the process and developing a flowsheet as the basis for further studies on the vertically integrated project. 

The Jamieson Tank HPMSM project is surrounded by the necessary infrastructure, services and people necessary for a successful project. In the region there are a number of renewable power sources (solar and wind farms), a number of towns including Whyalla, a large mining and steel town, rail lines, ports and roads.


Development plan for Jamieson Tank

  • Maiden exploration program completed Q1 ‘22
  • Drilling planned for Q1 ’23 to improve geological understanding
  • Initial High Purity Manganese sulphate monohydrate (HPMSM) testwork completed Q2 ‘22
  • Second stage of HPMSM testwork commenced Q3 ‘22
ChemX Eyre Peninsula tenements and surrounding infrastructure